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PicsUp Pricing & Information

So you ask yourself, what is PicsUp?
PicsUp is an Event Photographers management software, that built to make photographers daily work easy, fast and efficiant.

PicsUp created to speed up the whole Photos Selection Proccess for Digital Albums between photographer and his clients. and gives more friendly and technological upgraded service for the photographer..

Photographer Process Example:

  1. Photographer create new client -> event -> photosets and desire final albums on his software.
  2. Photographer assign the right Photos from his local pc to the right client->event (photographer have the ability to orginize into sub folders).
  3. After everything in the right place, Photographer sync his software with the webapp application by click a simple sync button (while photos are syncing, they get resized to non-printable version and software attaching Photographer watermarked logo to the photos).
  4. When sync is done, Photographer contact his client and gives him username/password to his account. that can be reached from Photographer website.
  5. Client is Happy now, and start to selecting his photos into his pre-orederd albums.
  6. After client is done selecting, Photographer can see everything the client selected and by simple click Get client selected photos to his pc or burn them into cd.

Conclusion, Picsup is a Professional photographers software update every few weeks with new features and upgrades that makes its the Best solution out there!
Out specialists team trying to consider all aspencts of user friendly with photographers comments to make PicsUp the best.

Our Packages

Package Number of photos allowed Installation Price Order
PicsUp Basic up to 100,000 photos Free Embed + Installation 25$/month Order Now!
PicsUp Basic Plus up to 200,000 photos Free Embed + Installation 40$/month Order Now!
PicsUp Pro up to 400,000 photos Free Embed + Installation 65$/month Order Now!
PicsUp Premium up to 1,000,000 photos Free Embed + Installation 110$/month Order Now!